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 Why do I always lose at sports betting?

You have all heard that 98 percent of all sports betters lose money betting. If you don’t want to be one of them, you should try to understand why they lose, and perform something different like me. It takes a rare breed to stray from the pack, but that is what is required to win.

Almost everyone likes to bet on favorites. The clear reason is that they win more bets doing so. Their favorites are believed to win, and by winning more bets you have the remarkable chance of making money. At least that is the theory that most people subscribe to. And it is also single reason why they lose money.

The fact is, favorites forever need that you risk more money on the bet than you can make if you win it. That is what I prefer to as a monetary drawback. Since the aim is to win money, does it truly make any sense of begin your bets from the position?

Many people also like to sue their potential profits to sell and buy points with the book, through points spreads. Point spreads almost forever come with a built in monetary drawback. Even bad, the books have done everything humanly possible to ensure the bet is a 50-50, coin flip proposition. The final result is that you end up paying the person “flipping the coin” to join in the game. You be successful less than you risk every time.

While sacrificing the monetary benefit of a bet is one of the main factors people lose money, there is another less clear reason. It is called handicapping a game trying to estimate which team is the best. The issue with that is that the lines are already offering you an indication of the right team, so all you are truly doing is competing with the books handicappers, I bet, they are far better than you at it.

The final result is that most people are either playing crappy lines or trying to beat at its own game like me. Both of those are recipes for failure as far as your bankroll goes. If you trust the most frequently used number, 98 percent of the people play those games.

The best news is that you don’t have to do what everyone else does. Now that you know where people go negative, just reject doing those things. Quit sacrificing the monetary benefit accessible in sports betting by risking more than you can win on a bet.      

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